The Black Swift of Keys by Heather Hitchman

The Black Swift of Keys Artwork by Heather Hitchman
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Title: The Black Swift of Keys
Date Created: 04.09.2020
Copyright: © Heather R. Hitchman
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Colored Pencil, Graphite Pencil
Views: 198
Posted: 12/7/2020

About the Artist

Heather Hitchman
Member Since January 2015

Projects: Terratoff - A paranormal fantasy fairytale world of art & stories!

Location: Lake Mary, FL, USA

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The "Key Unicorns" are a Terratoff mystery... Solitary in nature, these quiet creatures carry an extra charm upon their crowns... a mysterious key that leads to secrets unknown. Little is known about their order and how the keys came to be, but stories of the rare sightings offer some clues to the truth. "Key Unicorns" are always of the black breed. Perhaps the keys come only to them because of their unique connection to the balance of light and shadow, but nobody can know for sure. Every time a key unicorn has been seen there were butterflies hovering nearby for reasons unknown. And no matter how brief the encounter, all that cross paths with this unicorn always dream sweet dreams from that night forward... until the end of their days. Some say that even in death, these dreams carry on with the soul still blissfully alive inside for all of time. The Swift Key Unicorn is the hardest to catch! It's petite size and incredible speed make disappearing into the shadows an easy feat. Catch a glimpse of this unicorn and you are sure to find joy in all of your dreams to come.

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