The Young Mermacorn by Heather Hitchman

The Young Mermacorn Artwork by Heather Hitchman
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Title: The Young Mermacorn
Date Created: 06.18.2020
Copyright: © Heather R. Hitchman
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Watercolor, Gouache, Colored Pencil
Views: 230
Posted: 12/7/2020

About the Artist

Heather Hitchman
Member Since January 2015

Projects: Terratoff - A paranormal fantasy fairytale world of art & stories!

Location: Lake Mary, FL, USA

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The unicorns of the land and mermacorns of the sea have a lot in common. Like unicorns, the mermacorns are blessed with great healing powers, able to regenerate themselves and survive in the harsh and perilous waters. However, mermacorns are unable to wear the signature crowns the unicorns of land wear around their necks. The dragons that craft them simply cannot deliver the crowns under the sea. Instead, when a mermacorn comes of age, a mermaid will create a necklace for them made of pearls and precious sea stones. The stones signify the mermacorn's genealogy so that they do not breed too closely. This proud young mermacorn has just received a necklace of golden pearls, and is ready to venture into the deep oceans in search of adventure!

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