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Frequently Asked Questions - Competitions
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Frequently Asked Questions - Competitions

Q - Can anyone enter a Competition Hosted on Infected by Art?
A - Yes, as long as the contest is not limited to Gallery Members or expressly outlined in that Competition's Rules.

Q - Are Competitions Free or is there a Fee to Enter?
A - Competitions can be Free or for a Fee. It is based the on the individual Competition and will be outlined in their Competition Details section.

Frequently Asked Questions - Artist Galleries

Q - Are Artist Galleries Free?
A - Yes. If your Request for an Artist Gallery is approved, there is no cost to having a gallery on our website. We have plans for adding premium features to the site over time, but those features will not limit the use of the site from members with approved Artist Galleries in place. If you would like to request a gallery there is a link in the top menu to do so. You will be asked to register for the site and be logged in prior to requesting a gallery.

Q - Does everyone who submits a request for an Artist Gallery get approved?
A - No. Like our Book Competition, we are looking for the best artwork to share on our website, so we cannot approve every request we receive. However, we will approve most requests as long as you clearly have talent and a passion for the genres we're focused on.

Q - What are the guidlines for posting artwork to a Gallery? What types/styles/genres of artwork are allowed?
A - We want to see your best Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Illustration, Game and Film Concept Art, Storyboards, and so on. We also like to see Work in Progress (WIP) examples, and we feel our Gallery programming is well equipped to help your step-by-step process tutorials. This is best outlined from within your Gallery once you are approved.

We welcome both traditional and non-traditional forms of artwork to be shared on our site, and do our best to distinguish the two when a visitor browses our website.

Frequently Asked Questions - Fans

Q - Can anyone sign up to be a Member on Infected by Art? Why should I sign up?
A - Yes! You have to be a Member of our site to Vote for your favorite artworks in our Competitions, when Fan Voting is an option. As a Member of the site you can also "Fav" artwork that will add all your Favorite artwork to a saved list for you (and it also let's an artist know you like their work!). You can also Follow Artists on the site, so that you can be easily notified when they update their Artist Galleries.

Frequently Asked Questions - Publishers

Q - Do you only Host your own Competitions?
A - No. Our Competition platform allows us to host as not just our own Competitions, but also those of anyone wishing to run a juried Competition that we approve of. If you're interested in hosting a Competition on our website, please Contact Us and we'll discuss your options.

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