Infected By Art Book - Volume 9 
Contest Details

The Infected By Art book contest connects artists to a Global Audience through its online submission and viewing process. We're looking for the very best in imaginative realism artworks, i.e. science fiction, fantasy, horror, etc. We offer cash prizes as well as publication in our upcoming Compilation art book - Infected by Art Volume 9. The best images voted on by our esteemed jury will be selected for the book. While our jury deliberates on the artworks behind the scenes after the submission period ends midnight EST December 8, 2020, your artwork will be available for viewing by our site visitors to enjoy.
Submission Period: September 7, 2020 through midnight EST December 8, 2020
Jury Voting: December 12, 2020 through January 17, 2021
How It Works:
1.Create a new IBA account or login to your existing account. 
2.Upload your art and pay any associated entry fees prior to our December 8th 2020 deadline.
Who Can Enter:
Competition is open to Professional and Emerging Artists from all over the world.
Cost to Enter:
Artists are allowed to submit up to 10 works of art. Each entry costs $12, with the 5th and 10th being free of charge.
$3,000 in Cash Prizes:
Infected By Art is one of the only open competitions that truly gives back to its artists. Artists have a chance to win $3,000 in Cash Prizes. Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards in each of the 4 art Categories will also receive a full page in the IBA book dedicated to that image.
Artists who submit at least 3 paid entries to the competition and make it into the book will receive a copy of IBA 9 when it ships. Artists who reside outside the USA will have to cover shipping charges or make other arrangements to receive the book. UK Artists may not have to pay shipping if our UK distribution center is reopened due to Covid-19 next year.
Juried Competition:
Our Jury Panel is comprised of four individuals personally entrenched in the creation, sales or promotion of imaginative realism artworks; Ed Binkley, Tran Nguyen, John Picacio, and Dug Stanat. They will select the most deserving images for publication in our book and pick the top artworks for Cash prizes.
What Makes IBA Unique:
IBA is one of the only compilation Art Books that gives back to its Artists. 1.We offer $3,000 in Cash Prizes. 2.The fee for each Image upload is the lowest of any contest that we know of, especially with our 5th and 10th images being absolutely free! 3.We offer large 1 or 2 images per page in the book. We do not want TINY images of your art tucked away with 4 or 5 other images on a single page. Each amazing image in this book is a celebration of your talents and should be displayed as such.
It's All About the Artist:
Every Artist always retains 100% copyright control over their images.
Contest End Date:
The last day to submit entries to IBA 9 will be midnight EST, Tuesday, December 8, 2020

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