DRAKE Scout by Michael Howe

DRAKE Scout Artwork by Michael Howe
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Title: DRAKE Scout
Date Created: June 15, 2017
Copyright: © Michael Howe and Michael Howe Arts
Genre: Sci Fi
Mediums: Digital, Manga Studio, Photoshop
Views: 539
Posted: 6/15/2017

About the Artist

Michael Howe
Member Since August 2014

Location: Arvada, CO

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Dragon Attributes Claymore/Great Sword Heavy Artillery Laser Cannon Mech Armor Cloak Bow and Arrow Defensive Reconnaissance Attack Knights Elite Force Scouts With insulated armor, heat-reflective cloaks, helmets, and armor based on the properties of dragon scales, these snipers guard the lava fields against all intruders. The spikes on the shoulder pads are actually dragon teeth. These are a mark of rank and status among the troops, but also have the bonus of making dragons more respectful of the trooper. Weapons are a Claw, an extendable one-edged sword, and the CLY13R DragonBane Sniper Rifle. The DragonBane is a heavy-hitting piece of equipment, because not only do the DRAKES need to be able to disrupt any military force from a great distance. One also never knows when one of the dragons may decide to get too close.

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