Miria, daughter of the cold by Shirley Xu

Miria, daughter of the cold Artwork by Shirley Xu
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Title: Miria, daughter of the cold
Date Created: 06/13/17
Genre: Illustrated
Mediums: Digital
Views: 469
Posted: 6/15/2017

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Shirley Xu
Member Since June 2017

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Cards used: Animal fur/skin | Headdress | Ice attributes | Antlers Miria grew up near the Frostlands, a land where few lived due to ruinous storms and skin-tearing colds. Her family was one of the few with the ability to survive these conditions, as they were kin of Feigeral, Lord of Frost. One day, however, the elves of the forest destroyed the Frostlands and replaced the snow with abundant jungles and forests. They, however, were merciless and killed every resident of the Frostlands so that they could not rebel. Miria fled away from her homeland, but brought with her the magical heart of the Frostlands, the Everfrost, which gave her power over ice. Hiding in the depths of the newly created forest, she created a small underground home and spent years honing her magical abilities to one day take revenge on the elves.

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