Rake by Catherine Newelll

Rake Artwork by Catherine Newelll
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Title: Rake
Date Created: 01/06/17
Copyright: © Catherine Newell
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Watercolor, Graphite Pencil, Pen
Views: 942
Posted: 6/15/2017

About the Artist

Catherine Newelll
Member Since June 2017

Location: Lancashire, England

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Rake doesn't have much left from the lawman who found him out in the wastes that day. Just an old reliable sawn-off and a beat up doll. I guess there's the name he was never too keen on... Rake. I mean, he never would have gotten it if he hadn't been choked out and dragged across the desert, so it wasn't the kindest gift he'd ever received. But it was the first and pickin's are slim for a kid like him. Different. He always hated it because it was stupid and didn't mean anything but now he's alone he clings to just as tightly as the arm around his throat from his earliest memories. He'll choke life into his name, make it mean what he wants now. Cards used: Nocturnal animal attributes, Shotgun, Cloak, Puppet or doll.

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