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For those of you who don’t know, RECKLESS DECK is a character-creating, genre-smashing card deck. It generates endless ideas for character creation for artists & other creatives interested in Sci Fi & Fantasy. Reckless Deck also currently has a campaign on KICKSTARTER for its Volume 2 SEQUEL (you can have a look here:)
Reckless Deck & ArtOrder would like to introduce a new character design challenge! In the course of our Kickstarter, we have unlocked stretch goals that will introduce not just the Reckless Deck: Volume 2, but also THE APPRENTICE PACK (the Reckless Deck for kids), and RECKLESS DECK: WORLDS, the Deck exclusively for Environment Art. But in the new wave of stretch goals we’ve just released, we’ve introduced a reward that’s a little different: four exclusive gaming miniatures based on Reckless Deck characters. With it, we saw a terrific opportunity for a contest, in which the winning artists will have their character designs made into three figurines for the set!
The fourth mini will be designed ahead of time, and we will follow along with the process of turning a 2D design into a 3D Brush sculpt - and then how that 3D sculpt gets used in the creation of the master figurine, mold making, & final molding of the gaming minis.
We have posted a series of Reckless Deck cards, drawn from Volume 1, the new Volume 2, and several of the forthcoming Expansion Packs. The challenge requires all participants to choose at least three cards from the group, and to use them as the basis for creating an original character. The judges will be looking for: a unique and fresh character, and the ability to synthesize the different character prompts into a cohesive whole, as well as traditional Character Concept Art and technical execution concerns.
The challenge art may be presented as both character concept art, or as a finished illustration depicting the character.
  • If the artist chooses to submit Character Concept Art, he or she must also include a BxW/ pencil sketch of the character in a dynamic pose appropriate for a gaming miniature.
  • If the artist chooses to submit a finished Illustration (or Character Vignette) presenting the character in a dynamic pose, he or she must also include a BxW or pencil sketch of the character as seen from the back and side.
  • These parameters also apply to 3D artist submissions. Either a sculpt of a character in a dynamic pose suitable for a mini with a sketch of the character standing to the front, back and side, or a character concept design with a sketch of a dynamic pose.
Each artist should also include a written list of the cards they selected to create their character,. In addition, they should include a 1-3 sentence description of the character and their function or role in the world they inhabit. This will help the judges better understand the context of the design choices used to create the character.
Deadline: Friday, May 26th, 2017
Medium: Any, however emphasis must be placed on showcasing the character’s attributes. A gorgeous illustration with the character mostly hidden in shadow does not fit the parameters of the challenge. Both 2D and 3D entries are welcome.
Size: Any
Submission Process & Specs: Submissions should be uploaded through the Infected By Art website.
Challenge process. Digital files for submission should be no smaller than 600x600 px Who is Eligible: All artists, all levels. Submissions from all countries accepted, though offer not valid in localities where participation in such contests is not legal. Artists may submit multiple entries, and have more than a single winning design.

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