Release Of Innocence by Kathryn Rutherford

Release Of Innocence Artwork by Kathryn Rutherford
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Title: Release Of Innocence
Date Created: 2020
Copyright: © "Copyright (c)2020
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Oils
Views: 86
Posted: 12/8/2020

About the Artist

Kathryn Rutherford
Member Since January 2020

Projects: The " Colour Collection" is a series of eight paintings currently in progress that each focuses on one colour of the colour wheel plus black and white. Each of these creative and imaginative " Spirit Paintings" tells a unique story and includes Kathryn Rutherford' s trademark elements of transparent figures or objects.

Location: Tennessee

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"Release Of Innocence" is the first Spirit Painting in the "Colour Collection", a series of nine paintings each based upon a single colour in the Colour Wheel (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet) plus Black, White, and Brown. This painting, representing Red, displays the escape of transparent birds, formerly trapped in the floral wallpaper that represent a time when innocence is lost and freedom takes flight. OR....does it represent a time when innocence is lost and individual freedom and sexuality takes flight? Only the viewer can interpret the meaning of this painting. Oil on Mounted Canvas - Framed Original: 24" x 27"

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