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About Katie Croonenberghs

I'm an indepedent artist exploring the convergence of fantasy and nature in watercolor. Inspired by the PNW, the ancient forests, the towering mountains and wave shaped shores.

I went to college for game art and design, focusing on concept art, environment and storyboarding. My interest in stories is actually rooted in a love for animation, but further back in my history lies where my artwork really started: in nature. I grew up inspired by the wild landscape of Montana and I knew art was in my blood. Not knowing where my path was going, I studied for games, considered matte painting for movies and backgrounds in digital media then discovered conventions where I started to meet the most amazing people in art. Years of exploring my creative interests finally led me to revisit my roots and original love of traditional media and nature scenery. I have and always will love fantasy creatures and imaginary worlds, and so I paint them as if they were real.

Name: Katie Croonenberghs 
Joined: December 2019
  • Tiny Dragons and Not So Tiny Dragons (2018)
  • Self Published 6 art/sketchbooks (between 2008-2016)
  • Self published paperback art book "Dragonbrushed" 2017
  • Multiple successful dragon based original art pin Kickstarters (2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Monsters and Dames art charity book by ECCC (2016)
Location: Seattle

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