Amethyst Fisher by Katie Croonenberghs

Amethyst Fisher Artwork by Katie Croonenberghs
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Title: Amethyst Fisher
Date Created: August 2019
Copyright: © Katie Croonenberghs
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Watercolor, Gouache
Views: 50
Posted: 12/8/2020

About the Artist

Katie Croonenberghs
Member Since December 2019

Projects: Tiny Dragons and Not So Tiny Dragons (2018) Self Published 6 art/sketchbooks (between 2008-2016) Self published paperback art book " Dragonbrushed" 2017 Multiple successful dragon based original art pin Kickstarters (2018, 2019, 2020) Monsters and Dames art charity book by ECCC (2016)

Location: Seattle

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14x18 inches Watercolor paper mounted to panel “The young ornithologist fumbled with his sketchpad as he climbed up the side of the grassy bluff trying not to make too much noise. His ongoing study of birds brought him here to the coast, to this particular cove where a flash of purple through the trees caught his eye. As he carefully approached the top, he peered through the grass to see the large purple bird. However what he saw was no bird at all!”

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