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Brian Colin

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Artist: Brian Colin


Artist: Brian Colin


About Brian Colin

Brian Colin curates creatures for the adventurous home by sculpting unique monster taxidermy. Inspired by a childhood of nerdish delights, Brian grew up on Jim Henson, Dungeons & Dragons, Lego, and comic books. Heroic themes run throughout the individual characters who are the subjects of his work, while the species of these creatures are deeply influenced by the fantasy elements from Colinís youth. A deeper exploration into the world Colin has created will allow for a temporary escape from this reality and enter into the imaginary world of Revilo.

Name: Brian Colin 
Joined: November 2016

In June of 2017 Norse Foundry will publish Colin's "Revilo: Creature Collection Volume 1" containing photographs, paintings, and stories surrounding the creatures that inhabit his world. Later that year the same company will be publishing a role playing game setting developed by Colin and based on his world Revilo for the FATE system.

Location: Carrollton, GA

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