Infected By Art Book - Volume 6
Terms & Conditions


Professional and Emerging Artists from anywhere in the world are invited to participate in the "Infected By Art" Juried and Public Voting competition. Competition Art categories are: Oil/acrylic, pen/ink,digital/photoshop, other. All Art Images selected by the Jury Panel will be published in our upcoming Compilation Art book entitled, "Infected By Art." Three images voted on by the Public and receiving the most votes by the end of the competition deadline will also be published in the "Infected By Art" compilation art book. Employees and Family members of IBA are not permitted to enter. Judges are not permitted to enter into the Juried competition in which they are a member of the judging panel. IBA competitions are not valid in any countries, states or provinces where rules translation, registration or bonding are required, and are non-valid where prohibited. Further eligibility criteria such as age- and country-restrictions may apply. Please see specific competition's call-for-entry in our Open Competitions listing for further details. False declaration with respect to any copyright information will result in you being stripped of any awards and prizes won for that competition.

Closing Deadline

Every competition will have its own closing deadline. Specific competition's closing deadline can be viewed on multiple pages: 1.At the bottom of our Contest Details page. 2.login to your 'Member Portfolio', navigate to the 'Submit' page and then select the specific competition from the dropdown list 3.alongside submitted entries (unconfirmed and confirmed) in your 'Member Portfolio'. Entries must be confirmed (i.e, uploaded and paid-for) before a competition's closing deadline in order to qualify for judging. Find out more in the Pricing section of our "How to Enter". IBA reserves the rights to modify and/or extend the closing deadlines of all its competitions. We will strive to notify entrants of such changes via email. No late entries will be accepted.


Image specifications All submitted images must be in the form of digital files. We do not accept Original Art. Images must be in JPEG/JPG, Tiff format, and must be no smaller than 1MB per image. Image Creation Artworks must be created in the last two years prior to the start of the submission period, ie after September 4, 2015. Any Unpublished Artwork (Printed in NOT more than a 1000 copy run) is eligible. If a contestant self-published and/or the run was limited to less than 1000 copies, or the Artwork was displayed digitally elsewhere on the internet but nor published in print form in access of 1000 copies, then it is acceptable for submission. Categories and Competitions Images must conform to the thematic descriptions of competitions and categories into which they are entered. Please see specific competition's call-for-entry in our Open Competitions listing for further details. An image may be entered into only one category (i.e Fantasy, Horror, Illustrated, Science Fiction) An image may NOT be entered into future IBA competitions with the same name, but may be entered in any other IBA competitions having different names if the Image is NOT selected for Publication. Images printed in any Competition IBA art book, may NOT be re-submitted into future competitions. IBA has full discretion to disqualify and remove artworks which we deem to contain obscene, defamatory or otherwise objectionable content.


Fees are specified for single entries as well as multiple entries. All fees are in USD. Total fees due will be calculated automatically when you upload images via the 'Submit' page in your 'Member Portfolio'. Payment must be made online via Paypal or by using a credit card. To make payment, login to your 'Member Portfolio', and navigate to the 'Submit' page to upload and pay for new entries. Alternatively, navigate to the 'Unconfirmed Entries' page to pay for review all uploaded but unconfirmed entries (for all running competitions). Uploaded entries are 'unconfirmed' unless payment of the necessary fees is received before the competition's closing deadline. Unconfirmed entries are not qualified for judging. For your convenience, unconfirmed entries can be accessed over multiple login sessions via the 'Submit' and 'Unconfirmed Entries' pages of your 'Member Portfolio' until you delete the entry or the competition closes. You can review all your confirmed entries by navigating to the 'Confirmed Entries' page of your 'Member Portfolio'. Once a competition's results are finalized and the online winners galleries is published, your confirmed entries can be reviewed in the 'History' page of your 'Member Portfolio'. You can also view your previous payment details by navigating to the 'Payments' page of your 'Member Portfolio'. Find out more in the Closing Deadline section of our "How to Enter". Entry fees are non-refundable, but entries can be completely modified (i.e., upload new digital file, update the title or caption, select a new category) until the competition closes. Every competition will have its own fees and sequential pricing. Specific competition's fees details can be viewed on multiple pages: each specific competition's call-for-entry 2.login to your 'Member Portfolio', navigate to the 'Submit' page and then select the specific competition from the drop down list 3.Alongside submitted entries in the 'Unconfirmed Entries' page of your 'Member Portfolio'. Should IBA elect to cancel or terminate a competition prior to its closing deadline, IBA will refund all paid entry fees.

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