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I am a graphic designer and illustrator, two years out of college and continuing to work hard to challenge and better myself as a creative individual. While I love my work with graphic design, my greatest passions lie with illustration, creative writing, and game development. I work primarily in digital painting and traditional inking. Like so many I'm sure, I have many projects in the works, and may never finish any of them. I work best under the stress of an impending deadline and tend to churn out my most creative work in the latest hours or -- depending on your perspective -- the earliest ones. Monsters and creatures are my favorite subjects, and I take a lot of inspiration from the acclaimed creative minds like Guillermo Del Toro and the late and great H.R. Giger. Digital artists I idolize include Loish, Bruce Brenneise, Annalisaillo, Danielle Corsetto, and many more. 

Name: Melanie Judd 
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