Alumorel, Boar Mount by Melanie Judd

Alumorel, Boar Mount Artwork by Melanie Judd
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Title: Alumorel, Boar Mount
Date Created: 6/3/2017
Copyright: © Melanie Judd
Genre: Illustrated
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 506
Posted: 6/4/2017

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Melanie Judd
Member Since June 2017

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A high ranking commander of the underground, Alumorel was fearsome, brutish, revered and respected... once. During an inauspicious battle, the commander was struck down by a deft blow to both legs. Dying, she was cast aside by her countrymen. But the crippled demon was far from finished. She recovered and focused her energy upon a new element of warfare: mechanical engineering. After quite a long process of failed models Alumorel returned to the battlefield, fighting only for herself as the Boar Mount. Paving her own line through the sand with the deafening laser of her mechanical boar under the control her gauntlets, Alumorel quickly garnered the resentment of all those who held power, a reception she gladly accepted. She continues to challenge authority, gathering land and subjects of her own to aid in her conquest. Cards Used: Demon, Animal Companion, Heavy Artillery Laser Cannon, Mech Armor, Puppet or Doll **Back and side sketches can be provided**

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