Protector of the Small by Kristin Burger

Protector of the Small Artwork by Kristin Burger
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Title: Protector of the Small
Date Created: 5/28/17
Copyright: © Kristin E Burger
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Digital
Views: 476
Posted: 6/3/2017

About the Artist

Kristin Burger
Member Since June 2017

Location: Massachusetts

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Keri, The Protector of the Small, is a modern, urban goddess. She rescues and protects those small animals no one else wants - the three-legged cat overlooked in the pet store - the bunny set free after the glow of Easter wore off - the puppy left chained in the backyard through a thunderstorm. Her own snake was a rescue and acts as her eyes, scoping out pet stores and abusive homes for pets and animals to free. Her cloak protects her and her freed animals from the elements and harm, and while she prefers peaceful rescue, when faced with an abusive owner or a unscrupulous pet store clerk, her shotgun is ready for action. Once rescued, she finds the animals loving homes and safe animal shelters, which are blessed by her and under her protection. Cards used: Shotgun, Cloak, Animal Companion. Art created using the Black Ink program.

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