Melifaux, Lord of Regrettable Utterances by Brian Despain

Melifaux, Lord of Regrettable Utterances Artwork by Brian Despain
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Title: Melifaux, Lord of Regrettable Utterances
Date Created: 4-25-2017
Copyright: © Brian Despain
Genre: Illustrated
Mediums: Corel Painter, Photoshop
Views: 713
Posted: 4/27/2017

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Brian Despain
Member Since April 2017

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This is Melifaux Lord of Regrettable Utterances. This demonic entity is the driving force behind every questionable speech given at a wedding or behind a podium, every poorly formulated drunken shout every contentious email sent in the heat of the moment, every ill conceived joke told, every bad tweet, status update, hashtag or blog post that once released into the ether, could not be taken back. The chaos sown from the tips of his writhing tentacles to your faulty declaration are his bread and butter, and we, his puppets, are merely fuel for his fires of bedlam. Cards chosen- Demon, Devil Wings, Tentacles, and Puppet or Doll.

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