Hunter by Mallory Thompson

Hunter Artwork by Mallory Thompson
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Title: Hunter
Date Created: April 21-26
Copyright: © Mallory Thompson
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Manga Studio, Photoshop
Views: 679
Posted: 4/26/2017

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Mallory Thompson
Member Since April 2017

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Cards Used -Antlers -Bow & Arrows -Animal Companion This elven hunter tracks down predatory creatures that do not belong in her forest and wreak havoc on the indigenous creatures thriving there. Her dress is belted up to make riding and tracking in the underbrush less tiresome.Her weapons are strapped to her legs when she rides since her mount does not have a saddle and her hair gets hopelessly tangled in the arrows when she wears the quiver on her back. I thought it would awesome to have her riding on a deer as it bounds through the underbrush, I added the greenery to support the base, since the pose is not one that could support itself. I made two colored versions since the minis will be unpainted and we can paint them ourselves, to show that this mini would look great in multiple color schemes. I hope you enjoy it.

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