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Marta Witkiewicz

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Artist: Marta Witkiewicz


Artist: Marta Witkiewicz


Artist: Marta Witkiewicz


About Marta Witkiewicz

Hey! My name is Marta and I am a Polish traditional artist living in Spain.

Growing up in slavic country side, surrounded by animals, green fields of grass and vast forest ingrained in me deep love for natural world. Separated from modern city I’ve developed rich imagination creating my own realms and fantastic stories.

I love to explore subtle tones of graphite, which so far is my favorite medium. It makes sense because I’ve always dreamed in monochrome. Along the journey I faced many hardships and obstacles, both physical and mental. I wanted to give up many times. Yet pursuing the dream was always stronger. Art gave me purpose, will to fight with my demons and motivation to keep going forward every day.

With my works I’d like to spread a little bit of magic and sense of wander which so many have lost. By my artistic path I’d like to show that it’s possible to do what makes you sing from your heart and live good, fulfilling life.

Name: Marta Witkiewicz 
Joined: October 2020
Location: Hiszpania

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