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Hajnalka Mayor

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Artist: Hajnalka Mayor


Artist: Hajnalka Mayor


I was born in Hungary, Budapest in 1976, and I lived there until 2007.

As long as I can remember I was always drawing on a piece of paper or try to create something beautiful from my surrounding world.

I graduated in 1994 as a ceramist in Budapest. I didn't have the financial background for collage, I self learned as many things I could next to my actual work.

Between 1994-2007, I was working in many areas, such as a  graphic designer, fashion stylist, professional make-up artist for film and fashion, as a fashion model, stand-by art director in the film industry, and as a painter as well.

In 2007 I left Hungary for my future husband and I moved to Switzerland. We traveled a lot and lived in many countries while I gave birth to our 2 beautiful children. In early 2016 we finally settled down on our dream land, New Zealand in Wellington.

Between 2013-2016, I was working as a cake/sugar artist as well. I've been well published in international cake magazines.

In 2014 I came across a few OOAK doll artist's work on social media and it caught my attention. After several months of self learning I made my first art doll in early 2015. Since then, my work earned international recognition, I've been honored with publications and awards.

2016 March Michelangelo Art Doll Award , Italy 1st place ( Satine)

2016 Gold award 2nd place in professional character category / Professional Doll Makers Art Guild Gold Award contest ( Sam & Dean)

2016 Artist of the year at  International Art Doll Registry

2017 PDMAG gold award 1st place in professional character category ( Don't see Don't hear Don't speak)

2018 PDMAG gold award CEO's choice award ( The guardian )

2019 PDMAG gold award 1st place master level child/ baby character category ( Genevive)

2019 PDMAG gold award 1st place paper clay category  ( Sookie)

2019 DOLLS Awards of Excellence: Industry’s Choice award and Public's choice award in the OOAK Child Doll category 

2020 Artist of the year at International Art Doll registry


Name: Hajnalka Mayor 
Joined: December 2019

I'm creating one of a kind mixed media small sculptures. 

I still try find my own voice as an artist, but realism and human emotions are my main direction. 

Mainly I work with polymer clay, but lately I got familiar with air dry clay as well and I find it suitable for more whimsical projects. 


Location: New Zealand

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