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Dana Edwards

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Artist: Dana Edwards


Artist: Dana Edwards


About Dana Edwards

Dana's work is an exploration of mythology mixed with her personal symbolism. She enjoys working on projects from picture books to gallery works, and story-telling is always essential to the pieces. She draws inspiration from folklore and mythology from cultures around the world, fairy tales and ghost stories, and most importantly the nature that surrounds her. When not painting Dana can be found going on walks and hikes searching for mushrooms, squishing in mud, and attempting to save snails and slugs off the sidewalk. She lives with her muse and boyfriend Donavon, along with her two ferrets and carrot (cat-ferret) Korra. 

Name: Dana Edwards 
Joined: April 2017

Personal projects, ranging from daily miniatures, illustrating a children's book, and working on illustrations for my own deck of cards

Location: Washington, US

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