Sloth by Dana Edwards

Sloth Artwork by Dana Edwards
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Title: Sloth
Date Created: March, 2017
Copyright: © Dana Edwards
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Watercolor
Views: 435
Posted: 12/8/2017

About the Artist

Dana Edwards
Member Since April 2017

Projects: Personal projects, ranging from daily miniatures, illustrating a children' s book, and working on illustrations for my own deck of cards

Location: Washington, US

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An illustration of one of the seven deadly sins, sloth. I associate lack of energy with sloth, so what better way to portray it than the barren and dead landscape of winter. The ice fairy is too lifeless to even realize her ice has broken off from the mainland and all she can do is float along at the glacial pace of melting ice. 11 x 7 inches.

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