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About Julie Hurst

My name is Julie Hurst I am from Flint Michigan and I just recently graduated from the university of Michigan-Flint with a BFA in graphic design and illustration with a minor in art. I am still currently living in the same old town working my way through the politics of life.

I have always and I mean always been fasinated with imagery of any kind and making it. Its no suprise that my biggest goal in life is to make a life making things and being able to make a living off of it in the mean time. 


Name: Julie Hurst 
Joined: November 2013

I like to work in both digital, pen and ink, and with ayrlic paints mostly. But I also like to mix it up from time to time to see what I can get out of using something different. 

As far as subject matter I like to work with the human to humanish form the most. Character design and art is a passion of mine and I am always playing with stuff. 

But lately I have been working with art that invalves the suject of childern inspired by my two young nieces. 

Location: Flint MI

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