Bela Lugosi's Tales From the Grave™ Cover Art Competition FAQ

Q: How do I Enter in the competition?
A: Entering the Competition can't be easier, simply register for an account on Infected by Art or log in to your existing account, agree to the Term and Conditions and upload your most incredible art. Once your Art has been posted on our website, you have entered the competition. You can also send links of your Art to all your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc. 

Q: Who can enter?
A: Anyone in the World. 

Q: Are you looking for Professional or Emerging Artists?
A: The answer is both! We simply want the most incredible art in the world. Anyone is welcome to enter the competition, but no one, regardless of who they are, or what they have drawn, is guaranteed that the Jury or the Public will select their art.

Q: What is the Prize for this Competition?

Monsterverse is seeking cover art which is strange, weird, spooky, chilling, monstrous or mysterious and sparks the imagination. Although our main emphasis is on horror and fear, subjects can also include similar genres such as fantasy or science fiction. The cover art will also be the source of inspiration for a story that will appear in the same issue and incorporate ideas suggested by the winning artist.

Q: Who owns the Copyrights to the Image(s) I submit into the competition?

A: You do, unless of course you are infringing on the rights of an already Copyrighted Character or image. Also, by entering your Art into the competition, you are granting us permission to display it on our Website.

Q: How is my art protected?
A: We never show your full size artwork to the public. When you upload your entry we save 3 different sizes that are used various places on the IBA site. The fullsized file is only to be used by our judges for the judging at the end of the competition. 

Q: What type files can be uploaded?
A: Photos can only be in JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG formats!

Q: Do you critique my entries or tell me why my art did not win?
A: We do not, sorry. It is impossible to provide personalized feedback on every submitted artwork. We do promise that every piece of art submitted will be reviewed by the Jury.

Q: Can I send my Entries by Mail or e-mail?
A: We're sorry, but no. We have designed this contest to be virtual. It is easy to upload images to our site from your computer. It is just not feasible for us to try to handle entries through e-mail or by submissions made through regular mail. If for any reason you are having trouble uploading images (Click here)

Q: Can I come watch the judging?
A: No. The voting is done On-Line by Kerry Gammill.

Q: When is the Contest closing Dead-line date?
A. Midnight: November 23rd, 2013 5m PST

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