They breathe fog; they dream rain by Jeszika Le Vye

They breathe fog; they dream rain Artwork by Jeszika Le Vye
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Title: They breathe fog; they dream rain
Date Created: September 2017
Copyright: © Jeszika Le Vye
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 530
Posted: 12/6/2017

About the Artist

Jeszika Le Vye
Member Since October 2016

Location: Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

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Her gaze wraps the whole world in a veil of silver. The tiny dragons, glimmering like drops of water, flitter out of the soaked bark to her - like moths dancing around the light, they dance over her fingers and hair. The feeling of dreams on the edge of sleep, almost falling, she has no need for waking. The mist of her imagination is verdant and smells of moss. The grass, the clover is wet and cushioned beneath her toes.

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