Anubis - Discerning Gaze by Jeszika Le Vye

Anubis - Discerning Gaze Artwork by Jeszika Le Vye
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Title: Anubis - Discerning Gaze
Date Created: July 2017
Copyright: © Jeszika Le Vye
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 1053
Posted: 12/6/2017

About the Artist

Jeszika Le Vye
Member Since October 2016

Location: Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

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Never first, always last, the shadow that follows the form, the truth that follows the utterance. Like an axiom, that forms the skeleton of truth, the argument ends where things are known. The shadows coalesce and take a face. Anpu stares through the darkness, seeing. The merciless guide, the merciless judge Whether light flares and flutters, whether life flowers and fails Always, darkness remains. Always endures. The recursive impossibility of endings All things end But endings.

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