C'fhalma N'ghaoth - Our Mother of Death by Myles Wohl

C'fhalma N'ghaoth - Our Mother of Death Artwork by Myles Wohl
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Title: C'fhalma N'ghaoth - Our Mother of Death
Date Created: June 2017
Copyright: © Myles Wohl
Genre: Horror
Mediums: Graphite Pencil
Views: 589
Posted: 6/15/2017

About the Artist

Myles Wohl
Member Since December 2016

Location: Michigan

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Reckless Deck Cards: Demon, Nocturnal Animal Attributes, Tentacles, Samurai Helmet

Chosen of Cthulhu by Myles Wohl

Deep within his grave, Cthulhu rests. No longer alive, but not truly dead. Sleeping, but never idle. From his tomb of stone, in the darkest depths of the Pacific, he calls out to us with his mind. Seeking.
Most cannot hear the call. The rarest of souls are those who can truly comprehend the call and answer it. These few, the Chosen of Cthulhu, create a sort of physic connection to the Great Old One himself.
As the bond with Cthulhu grows stronger, a Chosen will undergo great change. They develop immense powers of both the mind and body, elevating them above mere mortals. Their physical appearance alters as well; mutating, growing, and changing in horrific ways.
C'fhalma N'ghaoth, "Our Mother of Death", is one of the Chosen.

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