Necrotic Wraith by Daniel Reneau

Necrotic Wraith Artwork by Daniel Reneau
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Title: Necrotic Wraith
Date Created: 6/13/17
Copyright: © Daniel Reneau
Genre: Horror
Mediums: Manga Studio
Views: 384
Posted: 6/14/2017

About the Artist

Daniel Reneau
Member Since October 2015

Location: Denver, CO

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Drifting endlessly through the forests and hollows in search of bodies to ensnare in name of their dark lord, the Necrotic Wraith is the perverse manifestation of any human foolish enough to commit their soul to the dark arts. Their human eyes bound by barbed wire to blind themselves to their wretched fate, they see only through the putrid third eye given to them by their master. Their limbs, once warm and delicate, have degenerated into cold, grasping tentacles, constantly seeking to trap unsuspecting victims and force them into the glowing void housed within their bodies. By doing this, they absorb the souls of their victims as offering to the dark one, and they leave behind only dried husks that were once the bodies of their prey. Cards Used: Tentacles Cloak Barbed Wire Antlers

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