Ji-Kara the Avenger by Aislinn Farrell

Ji-Kara the Avenger Artwork by Aislinn Farrell
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Title: Ji-Kara the Avenger
Date Created: 6-5-17
Copyright: © Aislinn Farrell
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Mixed Media, Graphite Pencil, Ink
Views: 448
Posted: 6/6/2017

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Aislinn Farrell
Member Since May 2017

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After her family was killed by a raid of rogue Orcs, Ji-Kara -the Goblin chief's daughter-embarks on a personal quest-revenge. Taking only her dead young sister's doll and her father's Claymore sword as mementos, Ji-Kara is hunting down the rogue Orcs so she can kill them. She may look mean and nasty, but when she is not angry(or hunting those who killed her family) she is very sweet and kind. Like all goblins, she will never stop until she has achieved her goal. Cards used- Doll/puppet, Claymore/ Greatsword, Barb wire.

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