Alphaeus, The Hunter of Demons by George Deep

Alphaeus, The Hunter of Demons Artwork by George Deep
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Title: Alphaeus, The Hunter of Demons
Date Created: 5/29/2017
Copyright: © George Deep/3DXStudios
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Acrylic, Graphite
Views: 680
Posted: 5/29/2017

About the Artist

George Deep
Member Since May 2017

Location: Connecticut

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Reckless Deck Components Chosen by a Random Number Generator Intrinsic Nature - Demon Modifications - Antlers Weapon - Bow and Arrow Costumes - Animal Skins/Furs Accessories - Barbed Wire--------- Alphaeus, The Hunter of Demons was a human chosen by the gods to hunt down and destroy demons wandering among mankind. Unknown to him, this was a blessing for mankind and a curse to him as when he slays a demon, Alphaeus absorbs the demons essence making him become more and more a demon himself loosing all sense of his humanity. Equipped with a bow made from fused horns of some of the most magical creatures known to man and strung with a strand of barbed wire from the gates of hell itself, Alphaeus still wanders the lands today doing the job he was chosen to do.

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