Ayeaye Samurai by Will Hobbs

Ayeaye Samurai Artwork by Will  Hobbs
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Title: Ayeaye Samurai
Date Created: 5/22-23/2017
Copyright: © Will Hobbs
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Ink, Graphite Pencil, Pen
Views: 549
Posted: 5/24/2017

About the Artist

Will Hobbs
Member Since May 2017

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

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Entry for the Reckless Deck miniature contest using nocturnal creature features, animal companion, shotgun, parasol, cloak, and samurai helmet. This bad boy is on Ayeaye who's had enough! Charging through the battlefield with his trusty shotgun and faithful companion, Ayeaye Samurai isn't taking numbers or names--just heads. He is resourceful, and quite mercenary. When surrounded, in close combat, his pal (and confidant) Matcha is there to back him up. Being nocturnal has it's drawbacks, though. Ayeaye's oversized eyes need protection from the sun, so Matcha often carries a parasol to shade Ayeaye's delicate optical protrusions.

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