O'Dafan Bounty Hunter by David Wentworth

O'Dafan Bounty Hunter Artwork by David Wentworth
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Title: O'Dafan Bounty Hunter
Date Created: feb 17, 2015
Copyright: © David Wentworth
Genre: Sci Fi
Mediums: Photoshop, CS6
Views: 397
Posted: 3/2/2015

About the Artist

David Wentworth
Member Since March 2015

Location: United States

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It's rare to find yourself employing an O'Dafan, doubly so for the dangerous and violent work associated with bounty hunters-- should you find yourself so lucky though, they quickly prove themselves invaluable assets, justifying their hefty fees. They are unmatched in aquatic environments, and formidable even out of the water.
Their technology is unique, since they themselves act as its power source. O'Dafan physiology is similar to that of the Earth's electric eel, an insulated skin-tight suit absorbs their naturally dispersed charge. This makes their equipment not only more lightweight, but also more reliable.

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