Wild Landlubber by David Wentworth

Wild Landlubber Artwork by David Wentworth
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Title: Wild Landlubber
Date Created: Dec 2, 2014
Copyright: © David Wentworth
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Photoshop, CS5
Views: 414
Posted: 3/2/2015

About the Artist

David Wentworth
Member Since March 2015

Location: United States

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Introducing the "Landlubber"! Also known as Bilge Rats, Landlubbers are so called because they will make a novice out of even the most skilled of sailors- though slightly smaller than an otter, just a few of these puckish creatures can wreak havoc on Galleons and other sailing ships- eating food supplies, cutting ropes, chewing up wood and hull are only the beginning of what these creatures are capable of!

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