The IFCC is announcing an open call for The Game Challenge 2015.

We invite all creatives to submit their works from 12th January 2015 until midnight 2nd March 2015.


“It’s a totally crazy game where they’ve combined all sorts of game styles and in which you can be anything you want: a human, a monster, an object or natural occurrence. It’s full of unexpected situations like becoming Donald Duck’s evil twin, fighting alongside Gandalf against tribe of plastic chairs. You can drive a car drunk or be a drunk car.”

“The Game” is the name of the game. Like – Dog the dog. But why such a name? Because it’s supposed to be the game of all games, where all known visual styles and types of gameplay meet and where rules are are broken.


In fact this game doesn’t yet exist and the quote you just read is just one construct out of an endless amount of possible experiences that will be provided by the Game. Boonika started developing “The Game” concept almost five years ago, at the same time when Boonar Studio was formed. ‘The Game’ should be both a never-ending game project and an educational platform that gathers professionals and enthusiasts from the fields of art and the entertainment industry. “The Game” project will merge some of the popular genres, visually and conceptually. Before it becomes a real game, if it ever does, first it will be a big on-line/on-site workshop. By working on “The Game” many experts (concept artists, designers, game developers, programmers, script writers…) will teach others through their created content. We welcome all approaches regardless of style. Photorealism, cel-shaded, exaggerated, abstract. Anything goes. This makes no sense? Wrong, in this game everything makes sense. Especially nonsense. Is it even possible to create such game? Well, it will be a challenge.

Since it is just a concept, not a finished product, we invite you to join this challenge and help us create The Game. While doing so you can win tickets for the IFCC festival and other prizes!

For all additional information about the challenge - who can participate, with what kind of works, who are the judges, what are the prizes and so on visit:

For sharing experiences and art suggestions don't forget to join The Game Challenge 2015 facebook group:


It is important to emphasize that no matter how this project develops in the future your work stays yours. We may use it to promote “The Game” but always under your name. If one day “The Game” becomes a real game, which we are hoping for, you will decide if you want to see your designs as part of that game. If that happens, don’t worry, it will be clearly visible what was your contribution to the project because we respect your work. Also, if your work ends up as one of the items inside “The Game” library you can still ask for its removal because it’s yours and you have the right to use it as you see fit. If the actual game ever gets made it would probably become an open project. This scenario may include game items for sale, which is how contributors would get payed for their work. All this is pretty unlikely to happen any time soon. We just wanted you to know that there aren’t any hidden plans for your designs. Most of us developing the concept are artists, just like you.

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