The Rag Doll Princess by Ellie Nesbitt

The Rag Doll Princess Artwork by Ellie Nesbitt
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Title: The Rag Doll Princess
Date Created: September 25, 2021
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 128
Posted: 12/4/2021

About the Artist

Ellie Nesbitt
Member Since November 2021

Projects: In the fall of 2022, Ellie Nesbitt will be featured in the Small Works online show at the Curio Art Gallery.

Location: Canada

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Where daisies bloom, children find their doom. _____________________________________________________________ A city sleeps on the back of an ancient beast above its twisting warrens that run deep and deep to a witch’s keep. Rat-folk like Simon, misfit dolls and toys scurry about the Labyrinth beneath the city’s snoozing noise. The rag doll, Mina, longs to play, dallying about the Labyrinth’s gates, to find the child she lost one May, on a day amid the hedging daisies—fields of fluff and candied fare—where a promise made now threatens to steal all children away.

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