The Watcher by Ellie Nesbitt

The Watcher Artwork by Ellie Nesbitt
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Title: The Watcher
Date Created: November 29, 2021
Genre: Horror
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 114
Posted: 12/4/2021

About the Artist

Ellie Nesbitt
Member Since November 2021

Projects: In the fall of 2022, Ellie Nesbitt will be featured in the Small Works online show at the Curio Art Gallery.

Location: Canada

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The Watcher weaves shadow to cloth upon his skin, garments from eldritch lore with nightmarish fae within. They nip upon the soul and shrivel will to whim. For those who reap the dark and stitch, vices feast within. _____________________________________________________________ Watchers weave cloth from any shadow, including their own. They can cloak within the long stretch of an enemy’s at dawn, or dress with the shadows of an estate at dusk. Gathering intelligence is their play, while focusing against the soul rending drones of the Dyrfae. _____________________________________________________________ Dyrfae are shadow ghouls that feast upon all that is bright—happy musings and memories that color a life.

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