Memory Palace 2 by Kirsten Zirngibl

Memory Palace 2 Artwork by Kirsten Zirngibl
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Title: Memory Palace 2
Date Created: 2019
Copyright: © Kirsten Zirngibl
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop
Views: 307
Posted: 12/8/2020

About the Artist

Kirsten Zirngibl
Member Since July 2014

Location: United States

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This portrays the aesthetics of memory storage and recall in my mind's eye. Each container is an "address" for information, with size denoting the broadness of the category. It is like an inverted box treemap, where the contents exist on the outside of the parent container. The sum of their volumes never exceeds that of the base they're attached to. It is difficult to accurately capture the forms, as specifics are impossible due to the transient nature of the mind's eye. The space is somewhere between 2D and 3D, with motion somehow gluing the two together. Such is the nature of synesthesia/ideasthesia.

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