Hyacinth by Kring Demetrio

Hyacinth Artwork by Kring Demetrio
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Title: Hyacinth
Date Created: February 2019
Copyright: © Kring Demetrio
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Colored Pencil, Graphite Pencil, Charcoal, Photoshop
Views: 156
Posted: 12/5/2020

About the Artist

Kring Demetrio
Member Since March 2018


Location: Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

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This work was created for TASTEFUL NUDES: An Exhibition Celebrating the Human Form for the month of love. A depiction of the death of Hyacinth; Apollo's hands of lamentation can be seen just from the edge of the frame. In Greek mythology, Apollo dearly loved Hyacinth--an affection that the young man reciprocated. This stung Zephyr, the god of the west wind, with bitter jealousy. One day, Hyacinth and Apollo decided to have a friendly competition with the discus when a strong gust of wind threw the discus towards the youth and fatally wounded him. Apollo mourned over his lover and blamed himself for Hyacinth's death. In his grief, he turned the blood that was spilled into the famous flower to remember the young man's beauty.

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