Gravity IV by Juca Máximo

Gravity IV Artwork by Juca Máximo
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Title: Gravity IV
Date Created: 2020
Copyright: © Juca Máximo
Genre: Illustrated
Mediums: Acrylic, Acrylic, Acrylic
Views: 134
Posted: 12/2/2020

About the Artist

Juca Máximo
Member Since October 2017

Location: Fortaleza, Ceará - Brazil

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The “Gravity” series, part of a moment in the “Connection” series, where all the sketches were made with the eyes of the unconscious. I did not allow myself to look at the screens, they were all created with my eyes closed, considering only two things: the force of gravity pulling me towards the earth and the force of believing, the imaginary pulling me towards the sky, upwards. Newton spoke of gravity as a constant free fall, Einstein postulated that gravity is so powerful that it imposes curves even on light ... Fall and curves of light are the main materials of these new works. Gravity is a series totally coming from my view of the world through the unconscious, from my perception of feeling. The lines that come and go over the figured person are like our feelings, constantly changing throughout the day, throughout life. Up and down, in constant movement, imagining, creating or taking root, fitting in, being part of.

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