The Stork Guardian by Zhillustrator (Zivko Kondic)

The Stork Guardian Artwork by Zhillustrator (Zivko Kondic)
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Title: The Stork Guardian
Date Created: 2020
Copyright: © Živko Kondić Zhillustrator 2020
Genre: Sci Fi
Mediums: ArtRage, Manga Studio
Views: 96
Posted: 12/2/2020

About the Artist

Zhillustrator (Zivko Kondic)
Member Since December 2018

Projects: Alterslavia - a personal project & series, with a slightly lo-fi science fiction setting that blends pastoral and science fiction in a less dystopian way. G M T „O„„„{„‚„yј ј „u„x„y„{„@„x„u„‚„q„uј џ „p„~„ƒ„{„y„@„|„q„p„~„ƒ„{„y„@„}„‡„p„‚„ƒ„{„y„@„‚„p„„ƒ„{„y„@„†„‚„y„{„p„~„ƒ„{„y„A„p„ƒ„{„yј „ƒ„{„y„A„u„|„€„‚„…„ƒ„{„y„A„u„~„s„p„|„ƒ„{„y„A„€„ƒ„p„~„ƒ„{„y„A„…„s„p„‚„ƒ„{„y„A„…„‚„}„p„~„ƒ„{„y„B„u„|„Š„{„y„B„yј „u„„„~„p„}„ƒ„{„y„C„p„|„ƒ„{„y„C„‚„…„x„yј „ƒ„{„y„C„‚„‰„{„y„C„…џ „p„‚„p„„„y„D„p„~„ƒ„{„y„E„~„s„|„u„ƒ„{„y„E„ƒ„„u„‚„p„~„„„€„E„ƒ„„„€„~„ƒ„{„y„H„…„|„…„I„s„q„€„I„~„t„€„~„u„w„p„~„ƒ„{„y

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia

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The Stork Guardian, from my Alterslavia series. Personal work, 2020, Painted with ArtRage and Clip Studio Paint. Thank you!

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