City of the Wolf by Shawn Conn

City of the Wolf Artwork by Shawn Conn
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Title: City of the Wolf
Date Created: 2013
Copyright: © Shawn Conn
Genre: Horror
Mediums: CS5, Corel Painter
Views: 646
Posted: 11/10/2013

About the Artist

Shawn Conn
Member Since November 2012

Projects: Shawn continues to work in the horror genre, creating book covers, apparel designs, art for the haunt industry & designs for various products, such as zombie bowling balls & pins for Leading Edge Promotions to be used for a nationwide zombie bowling league. He' s currently creating sketch cards for Topps' Artists on Demand promotion & is a recurring sketch card artist for Monsterwax. throughout 2014, Shawn will be working on several comic properties, as well as continuing his successful 20+ years tattooing career.

Location: Rochester, NY

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