Zoisite by Cassidy Noel Palmer

Zoisite Artwork by Cassidy Noel Palmer
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Title: Zoisite
Date Created: July 2019
Copyright: © Cassidy Noel Palmer
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Graphite Pencil
Views: 146
Posted: 11/28/2020

About the Artist

Cassidy Noel Palmer
Member Since November 2019

Projects: Independent 2D hand-drawn animation, and graphite fantasy illustration. My full resume of projects is available on LinkedIn.

Location: United States

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Some dragon species are born mischief makers. With a nimble mind and impish temperament, the Zoisite dragon enjoys outthinking and outmaneuvering foes and other nuisances. Patches and freckles spangle the hide and skin of the wings, while large curled horns and long dorsal spines guard the face and back. Ridged belly plates ensure the dragon is protected above and below from any who might retaliate against its sly and crafty nature. One can only guess what plan this young subject is hatching. Graphite on 9x12 inch Strathmore mixed media paper.

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