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Kerry Gammill

Kerry Gammill grew up in Ft. Worth Texas and began drawing at an early age. His early art was inspired mostly by the monster movies he watched on TV at every opportunity.

He began his professional art career in 1978 joining the roster of artists at Marvel Comics. His first regular assignment was drawing the adventures super-hero team POWERMAN AND IRON FIST followed by stints on MARVEL TEAM-UP (starring Spider-Man), INDIANA JONES and X-Men spin-off FALLEN ANGELS. He also penciled issues of FANTASTIC FOUR, UNCANNY X-MEN, STAR WARS, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, DEADLY FOES OF SPIDER-MAN, SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, WONDER MAN and DOCTOR STRANGE, as and others featuring well-known Marvel characters such as Captain America, The Hulk, Daredevil, She-Hulk, The Punisher and others.

In 1988 Gammill began drawing SUPERMAN at DC Comics. For the next four years he worked exclusively on various Superman titles including ACTION COMICS, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN and SUPERGIRL as well as two graphic novels, SUPERMAN FOR THE EARTH and SUPERMAN: UNDER A YELLOW SUN. Other work for DC included TEEN TITANS, POWER-GIRL, ELVIRA'S HOUSE OF MYSTERY, HAWK AND DOVE and others Gammill left comics in the mid-'90s and began doing work as a conceptual artist for film, providing designs or storyboards for many sci-fi movies and TV shows including VIRUS, PHANTOMS, SPECIES II, THE OUTER LIMITS, STARGATE SG1, DREAMCATCHER, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, TREMORS - THE SERIES, G.I.JOE: VALOR VS. VENOM and the video game AREA 51. He has also produced graphics and designs for movie posters and DVDs.

His book, "KERRY GAMMILL'S MONSTERS AND HEROES FOR FILM AND COMICS" published by Vanguard Productions is now in it's third printing. Gammill also compiled an award-winning book on the art of legendary monster magazine cover artist Basil Gogos which was published in 2006.

After several years of work as an art director and conceptual artist for a Dallas area promotions agency, Gammill recently returned to comics and to his love of horror stories as the founder, publisher, editor-in-chief and art director of Monsterverse Entertainment which produces critically acclaimed horror comics like BELA LUGOSI'S TALES FROM THE GRAVE and FLESH AND BLOOD. Gammill's other recent works include cover illustrations for other publications such as FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine and KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES, a massive book on 1950s sci-fi movies. He is also an executive producer of an upcoming documentary by filmmaker Robert Tinnell called THAT $#!% WILL ROT YOUR BRAIN: HOW THE MONSTER KIDS TRANSFORMED POPULAR CULTURE.

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