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Franck Besançon

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Artist: Franck Besançon


Artist: Franck Besançon


Artist: Franck Besançon


I see my creations as a mix of body horror, Greek mythology and pagan rites.
My characters may seem tortured, but they are in full control of their situation. Despite a sense of grandeur lost, they carry themselves with dignity, and a holy, almost divine, aura- they are the narrators, and I am merely the one assembling the pieces of their story.


I have always had a keen interest in mythologies, and my creations all take place in their own universe, linked together. In a way, I have created my own mythology.

On the technical side, the basis of my work is digital sculpture, made in ZBrush.
I like to shape my characters, get close and see them from all angles, crafting every detail.
Once I am satisfied with the composition, I export several renderings, and from that I assemble and give that last bit of polish using Photoshop.

Motion designer by day, self-taught 3D sculptor at night, I plan to expand this universe further,  see how far my imagination (and coffee!) can take me.

Name: Franck Besançon 
Joined: December 2021

just personal projects.

Location: France

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