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My main works are expressive figure and portrait oil paintings that fuse the subjects with vibrant color and abstract shapes to create a sense of peace and being in a timeless serene presence. My goal is to create beauty that is otherworldly and unreal, void of time and weight. The surroundings sometimes also blend with the subjects — I guess this is my way of saying that everything is connected. After all, a person and a tree are both nothing but the same fundamental particles.

For figure and portrait paintings I do photography sessions with models and for abstract paintings I get inspiration from nature, cracks in rocky hills, and the shapes of bark on a tree or branches. I don’t want to copy my references completely, but change them somehow away from realism. During the design process I try to see shapes on the picture and enhance them by building other forms out of them.

The subjects of my portraits and figure paintings are physically in that space but their minds are wandering somewhere else and their surroundings reflect this.

Color is very important to me. I want to have a sort of energy or vibrancy in my colors and I tend to stay more on the side of bright values rather than doing dark paintings. For colors, I get a lot of inspiration from nature, but when working on a artwork, I usually work the colors by just exploring different possibilities rather than using any strict reference.

Artists that have had the most influence on my art have been Zdzisław Beksiński and H.R Giger. Especially Beksiński inspired me greatly to shift away from the classical realism, that I learned in online schools and workshops, to paint and create the way I wanted.

Name: Walt Reunamo 
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