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André Mata

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Artist: André Mata


Artist: André Mata


About André Mata

André Mata is a freelance illustrator who lives and works in Portugal. Attracted by the visual arts, he started drawing from an early age, inspired by the stories, movies, games and themes that kindled his interest and imagination.


After concluding the illustration course at University, he continually invested in his independent studies, through books, blogs, articles and educational videos, developing drawing and painting, moving between observational exercises and imaginative work, constantly developing and improving his craft.


Inspired by nature, his main goal has always been the development of images that trigger an emotional response and remain in the memory, weaving realism with imagination.


Working with traditional and digital media, he develops realistic paintings, paying attention to the light, colors and shapes, trying to capture the feeling of the moment in a single image.


Influenced by Classical Literature, the golden age of Illustration and Imaginative Realism, he currently develops works for the Science Fiction and Fantasy field, also being interested in portrait, landscape and animal painting.

Name: André Mata 
Joined: December 2020
Location: Portugal

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