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F(r)iction is the literary anthology that seeks to enchant, inspire, and offend. This triannual publication is the imprint of the international literacy nonprofit Brink Literacy Project and is at the heart of our mission to use great stories to spark change in the world.

At F(r)iction, we believe that change only comes through creating a little friction so we embrace the new, the weird, and the unconventional. We believe that great publishing should push the boundaries of literary convention and advocate for emerging voices. Whether it’s traditional literary fiction or genre-bending sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, we look for stories, poetry, and nonfiction that move us to think in new ways and challenge our assumptions about the world.

But publishing great stories isn’t enough. With literacy rates dwindling, we need to create a product that begs to be read. Thus, we saturate our pages in gorgeous art and color. In a market where people are less and less likely to pick up just a “boring old book,” we create a product that is as lively as the stories and poems within. Just like our written word, the art component is meant to enchant and spur critical thought, often leaning on the surreal.

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