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Jacob Walker is an idependent artist, freelance illustrator, and graphic designer. In his work, Jacob strives to open a door to fantastic worlds and give life to the imaginative. He enjoys working with traditional mediums.

He first began making a living as a freelance creative when he was in college. After graduation, he helped run and operate Semisans Inc., a start up design house with college friends. Years later he worked with world wide brands doing design, color separations and prepress for specialized printing companies, while freelancing and raising a family. Now Jacob is creating and self publishing books, working with game companies, independent authors and craft brewers to create exciting illustrations.

Jacob is the owner of Mythos Monsters Publishing, creative director at The Dietz Foundation and freelances for a variety of game publishers and craft brewers.

IG: @jacobwalkerart / @mythosmonsters

Name: Jacob Walker 
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Location: Indianapolis Indiana, USA

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