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Artist: Michele Giorgi


Artist: Michele Giorgi


My name is Michele Giorgi, and I’m a freelance artist/illustrator.
I was born in Barga, a little city in Tuscany on January 8, 1989.

I started drawing since I was a child, and I never stopped. I always loved drawing and painting, and my dream was to be able to do it as a profession.

I’ve been working as a freelance artist for 6 years. During these years, I’ve created character designs and illustrations for RPG rulebooks, card games, board games and miniature games. My work genres go from High Fantasy, Horror and Sci-Fi.

I’ve painted many illustrations for companies such as:
Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games, Penny Arcade, Monte Cook Games,Onix Path Publishing, Upper Deck and Wizards of The Coast

I’ve attended the Art School A. Passaglia from the year 2003 to 2009 in Tuscany. Then I continued my studies at the International School of Comics in Florence for 3 years until 2012, specialising in illustration, through the use of traditional techniques (watercolours, acrylics and oil paints) and digital painting ( photoshop) including metrics and settings for publishing projects in various sectors, such as fantasy, science fiction and horror.

I then attended many workshops around Italy and Online classes (Schoolism). I believe in the importance of practice and study. Therefore I attend as many workshop and classes as I can to this day. Trying to tap into many sources and artists that I admire.

Name: Michele Giorgi 
Joined: December 2015
Location: Italy

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