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Jeff Laubenstein

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Jeff Laubenstein is an illustrator, art director, and concept artist. Beginning his career at the FASA Corporation in the mid 1980's creating images, graphic design, and layouts for Battletech, Mechwarrior, Star Trek, and the Doctor Who role playing game systems. He has also worked on and illustrated the game worlds of Shadowrun, Renegade Legion, and Earthdawn where he helped develop the look of the iconic creatures, characters, and settings for the games. As a freelancer Jeff worked on the collectable card games: Magic the Gathering, Battletech, and Harry Potter, as well as creating extensive interior illustrations for the industry benchmark gaming magazines Dungeon and Dragon. His clients have included, Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf, CCP Games, Redbrick, Paizo, Catalyst Games, Hidden City, Moon Design, Black Gate, Onyx Path and Art of the Genre.
Name: Jeff Laubenstein 
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